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Training trends for 2020

As we welcome the new decade, it’s often a time to start thinking about the upcoming trends within learning and development. Training has advanced significantly over the last 10 years, and we have seen a huge shift in digital and cloud-based technology being used every day in all aspects of learning.   What we expect […]

Degree Apprenticeships; How they differ to the traditional degree

Degree apprenticeships were first launched as part of the Higher Education scheme in 2015 and have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Known to be the ‘bespoke degree’ option compared to traditional degrees– degree apprenticeships enable Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to build their own curriculum that states exactly what they intend the […]

Off-the-job Training – How to meet the required 20%

We are all aware about the 20% statutory requirement for off-the-job training during completion of an apprenticeship, but how does the training organisation know whether an activity is off-the-job, and how do they achieve the required 20%? Off-the-job training must be new learning and relevant to the apprentice’s studies but not directly linked to the […]

Are you ready for End Point Assessments?

End Point Assessments (EPA) are the ‘gateway process’ that gives learners the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviour for their chosen career. They consist of a series of assessments that an apprentice must complete to prove their ability to do the job that they have been training for. Being ready for this final […]

Functional Skills Qualification Reformed

As we begin a new academic year, this September 2019 will be the first introduction to the new Functional Skills qualification. Following a decision made by the government in 2015, it is hoped that this reform programme will improve the relevance of Functional Skills qualifications in English and Mathematics. Qualifications that meets employers needs With […]

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Employing an apprentice is widely known as a highly cost effective way to increase your workforce. But aside from cost, there are many other benefits to employers who take on apprentices.   ‘Grow your own’ experts Perhaps one of the main benefits of taking on an apprentice is the opportunity to grow and mould your own […]