Our New and Improved ePortfolio

Our New and Improved ePortfolio

Since Quals Direct launched in 2008, we’ve been continually working behind the scenes to advance our ePortfolio platform so that we can carry on delivering convenient assessment and learning solutions for our clients. 


In October we rolled out the newest version of Quals Direct, which includes innovative updates to benefit both our learners and training providers. 


Our ePortfolio is a cloud-based tool specifically designed to simplify education and assessment processes through easy monitoring and document uploads, so we’ve focused on improving navigation, customisation and responsiveness to ensure we can continue meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.


What’s New?


Improved Access for Mobiles and Tablets


The newest version of the Quals Direct ePortfolio has a fresh, purposeful design that was developed to improve portability and navigation across mobile and tablet devices. 


There’s been a significant uptake in online learning in recent years, so we’ve made Quals Direct even more accessible. We recognised the need to help learners without access to a computer to complete their qualifications, training and assessments through Quals Direct. 


Our team of developers rewrote the source code to ensure our ePortfolio functions just as well on mobile and tablet devices as it does on computers and laptops. The improvements were made to support the learning of students without consistent access to a desktop device and now they can use their phone or tablet more easily to complete tasks on the platform.


On top of that, we’ve enhanced the Quals Direct user experience for learners on mobile and tablet devices, making it easier to navigate through the ePortfolio, upload documents and complete assessments.



Larger Upload Capability


We’ve also implemented improvements to upload capability in the latest update. Now, both learners and training providers are able to upload large files onto Quals Direct. 


The use of video in elearning has surged in the past three years, likely due to the pandemic. Video is a great tool for learners who are unable to receive face-to-face instruction and is also perfect for showcasing talents in subjects such as drama, sport and music. 


Whether assessors need to upload instructional training videos or students need to submit video files as part of an ongoing assessment, the newest version of Quals Direct is all set up to support this.



More Customisation for Training Providers


Quals Direct is designed to be suitable for a variety of different qualification types, including vocational qualifications, classroom qualifications, apprenticeships and BTECs. 


Since our ePortfolio is so versatile, we’ve advanced the customisation capabilities for training providers who use our software – we’ve made it easier to tailor training and assessments depending on the requirements of the programme being delivered. 


Thanks to design improvements and some new ‘behind-the-scenes’ processes, assessors can now more easily adjust the software to suit their needs, improving overall tuition and assessment quality.



Instant Visibility and Auditability 


Quals Direct allows assessors and Internal Quality Assurers (IQAs) to view learner actions as soon as they’re completed. This facilitates faster feedback for learners and allows them to progress through training and assessments at a rate set by their training provider, without any unexpected delays. 


IQAs can also review learners’ ePortfolios to ensure things have been planned and assessed in a consistent and accurate manner.



Better Management Features 


The newest version of Quals Direct also delivers advancements for administrative users, with better management features and more control over learners’ ePortfolios. It’s easier to upload materials, control user sign in and provide encouragement or support. 


Building libraries of resources and managing information access has been made more straightforward and we’ve also improved management of submissions, reports and tasks in an effort to help administrators implement the best assessment and learning practices and make sure our learners feel supported.



An Independent ePortfolio Solution for You


At Quals Direct, we’re always innovating so that our learning software can continue to deliver for our learners and training providers, both in the UK and Overseas. And as the education sector changes, we’ll continue to adapt.

We support thousands of learners every year to complete their qualifications, from work-related training to apprenticeships and BTECs. If you want to find out more about Quals Direct, or if you’re interested in using our software for your business, get in touch today!