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Quals Direct are on a mission to make ePortfolios even better

Our approach to learning platforms

At Quals Direct, we simplify the ePortfolio process. Too many platforms over complicate onboarding or blur the pricing so that using this technology becomes a headache. But not us.

Since our launch in 2008, Quals Direct has gone from helping a small number of customers to supporting over 100,000 learners move forward in their qualifications.

As a team of developers, designers and industry experts, we’ve continuously built on our knowledge to enhance the ePortfolio experience. The result is a cost-effective platform that leaves you constantly in the loop when it comes to learner progress, and enables you to gather evidence more effectively.

So what are you waiting for? Speak to us today and take teamwork to new heights.

We’re ePortfolio experts

The majority of our team have worked within the sector for over a decade. As a result, our finger is firmly on the pulse of the ePortfolio industry.

We’re passionate about our customers

Customer service is everything. We want our users to shape our platform, which is why our account managers work tirelessly to tailor our solution to you.

Our ePortfolio is our sole focus

All our attention is devoted to developing our ePortfolio platform. We don’t sell multiple systems and divide our resources – we evolve a single service to reliably meet your needs.

Our environment

Quals Direct owes all its success to a close-knit team who live and breathe our learning software. As a result, we’re able to bounce ideas off of each other and work collaboratively to enhance our ePortfolio.

In this creative atmosphere, we are always striving to innovate – and have a little fun along the way.

The people behind the platform

Sam Nolan

Managing Director

Sarahlea McGrath


Patrick O’Neill


Duncan Midmore

Senior Developer

Ellie Nolan

Qualifications Co-Ordinator

Jacob Taylor

Qualifications Co-Ordinator

James Compton

Account Manager

Paul Nolan

Business Manager