Are you ready for End Point Assessments?

End Point Assessments (EPA) are the ‘gateway process’ that gives learners the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviour for their chosen career. They consist of a series of assessments that an apprentice must complete to prove their ability to do the job that they have been training for. Being ready for this final assessment is essential to ensure all their hard work pays off and they can prove their capability within the industry.

What is involved with an End Point Assessment?

Dependant on the apprenticeship, the End Point Assessment will vary in terms of how it is carried out. For example, an EPA may involve an interview, observation of carrying out practical work, a set of questions or some other method of testing a learner’s capabilities before they enter full time work.

The End Point Assessment is carried out by an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) independent of the training organisation and employer. This is to ensure that all apprentices who are completing an apprenticeship follow the same standard and are assessed consistently.

Stages of the End Point Assessment

Various entities are involved in the End Point Assessment including the employer, learner, training provider, assessors and an independent assessment organisation.

The stages to carry out EPA include:

  1. End Point Assessment Registration

The employer will select an organisation from the register to carry out the EPA.

  1. Learner must pass a certain checklist from the training provider to confirm they are ready

The training organisation will ensure that the apprentice is ready for an EPA and a decision is made whether they take the assessments.

  1. EPA is booked and an assessor is selected

Assessors and resources are matched against the apprenticeship and EPA requirements.

  1. Assessors carry out the EPA’s assigned

Evidence is recorded of the EPA’s carried out.

  1. EPA standardisation and quality assured

End Point Assessments must follow the same standard to ensure consistency.

  1. Results for the EPA

End Point Assessment advises employers of the results and if their learners’ apprenticeships have been completed.

  1. Apprenticeship is complete

The most important stage of the End Point Assessment process is ensuring the learner is fully prepared for the assessments before they go ahead with them.

If an employer books an apprentice for their EPA and they are not ready, they do have the risk of them having to retake the assessments. The employer would then be charged for the assessments again, which is why preparation and planning is so important to avoid incurring additional costs.


How can ePortfolios help with End Point Assessments?

We want to help our tutors or assessors and learners as much as we can, and this is where Quals Direct can assist with End Point Assessments preparation.

Using an ePortfolio throughout the course of an apprenticeship allows assessors or tutors to prepare and evaluate where the learner may need more assistance. By tracking their progress, where there is an accredited qualification and confirming their readiness for EPA, it gives them the opportunity to step in if necessary, by clearly demonstrating where the learner may need more preparation in order to be ready for an End Point Assessment.

Within our cloud based ePortfolio, there are fundamental features that employers and training providers use to determine when a learner is ready for an EPA. It is crucial to arrange a learners’ End Point Assessment only when they are ready as it gives the learners’ the best possible opportunity and chance at a successful outcome.

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