Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Employing an apprentice is widely known as a highly cost effective way to increase your workforce. But aside from cost, there are many other benefits to employers who take on apprentices.


‘Grow your own’ experts

Perhaps one of the main benefits of taking on an apprentice is the opportunity to grow and mould your own workforce as opposed to taking on more experienced staff, who will already have learned behaviours and their own way of doing things, possibly with bad habits they have picked up along the way.

Employing an apprentice provides you with a blank canvas, they will be keen to learn and will have often come directly from an educational background, meaning they will be receptive to learning new skills and more importantly grateful of the opportunity to be employed as an apprentice.


Helps fill the skills gap

The skills gap is fast becoming a very real issue for many employers and more prevalent in specific industries.

Years ago, YTS schemes were widely used to grow the skill set of essential trades such as plumbers and electricians allowing individuals to learn whilst on the tools, setting them up for life with a skill and trade. Today apprenticeships provide a solution for employers to fill that gap.


Higher staff motivation and loyalty

Engaging and motivating individuals to ensure they are productive can be challenging, apprentices have a fresh approach and are often really keen to get on and learn in their chosen career path, meaning they are highly motivated and have a good work ethic from day 1.

Furthermore, apprentices will often feel a sense of loyalty towards the company who supported them to gain qualifications. In the days of loyalty becoming a scarcer trait to find, employing apprentices is being seen by some companies as a way to improve staff retention.


Lower staff turnover

Relationships play a vital part in any business as does experience, looking after and providing ongoing opportunities for apprentices will benefit both parties in the long-term.

Although employing an apprentice does take a commitment of time on the part of the employer, the gains on the other side, in terms of workforce longevity and retention often far outweigh any initial investment.


Positive return on investment


Statistics published by the Government1 show the positive impact apprenticeships are having not only on the apprentice themselves, but also in the companies they train with.  87% of employers said they were satisfied with the programme, 76% say that productivity has improved and 75% reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service. All of this contributes to a positive return on investment for employers that take on apprentices.

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