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Here’s what sets us apart from other ePortfolios

Learner dashboard

Get a complete snapshot of your qualification and apprenticeship delivery in real time. Here, you'll find your user notifications and at-risk learners, not to mention an activity feed packed with all the insights you need.

Flawless communication

Quals Direct enhances collaboration by providing an internal messaging system, complete with a peer-to-peer support forum. What’s more, the platform prompts learners with welcome messages and alerts, so that they’re always in the loop.

Peerless reporting

Our reports allow you to see either an overview or detailed data of your learner’s engagement, process and interaction levels.

Evidence gathering

We know that evidence gathering is key to proving competency. That’s why we allow evidence to be collected through knowledge tasks, learner submissions and assessor uploads. Our platform even comes with a powerful cross-referencing tool that maps evidence to criteria.

Knowledge tasks

You can use knowledge tasks to capture a learner’s knowledge by creating questions linked to cohorts or qualifications. You can even complement these tasks with assessment templates to cross-reference the criteria and improve assessment standardisation.

Off-the-job training

We understand that learners aren’t always being trained by you. As a result, we allow you to record and calculate any off-the-job training they achieve with our software. This is then added to their total hours and can be reviewed by all users.

Endless resources

Provide users with the information they need by uploading media files and links to external websites. All your policies, handbooks and learning materials can be held in one place, and you can even add permissions so they can only be viewed by specific qualifications or units.

Quality assurance

We enable quality assurance by supporting the following methods: IQA sampling, learner interviews, assessor observations, and user performance tools. In addition, you can provide your awarding organisations access to the key information they require.


We remove the burden of paper-based portfolios and other complex learning platforms

Seamless collaboration

We allow centre users to interact with everyone on their ePortfolios. Assessors and learners can interact through planning, progress reviews and the forum; and assessors and IQAs through sampling reports, learner interview responses and our messaging function.

Plan, review and sign off

Our platform allows assessors to create plans. These include training plans, assessment plans, off-the-job training plans and meeting plans – all of which can be reviewed and agreed by the learner, who then confirms with an electronic signature.


Our pay-for-what-you-use model means that your ePortfolio grows as organically as you do. You won’t have any unnecessary up front costs.

Time savings

Moving from paper to a learning platform will free up more than your cash flow. The time you’ll save thanks to instant updates and enhanced collaboration will mean you’re able to focus more on development and less on manual processes.

Customisable reporting

Have visibility over your key information and at-risk learners in our reporting suite. Through this, you can monitor assessor observations, off-the-job-training, overall progress and much more.

Quality assurance

We ensure all relevant quality assurance checks are completed through IQA sampling, learner interviews and assessor observations. As a result, not only can you enhance your audit trails, but also standardise your working practices.

Support and guidance

Our dedicated team is always on hand to offer advice, guidance and technical support when it comes to qualification delivery. Simply contact your account manager or our support team, and we’ll help get you back on track.


Our intuitive navigation is designed to be accessible for newcomers and experienced assessors alike. That means even those familiar with paper-based processes can quickly get to grips with our ePortfolio. What’s more, it can be accessed from anywhere too.

Technical Information

How we provide an enhanced qualification delivery experience

Server setup

Our private, high-performance cloud system involves a number of servers – all of which are geared up with the latest technology and security to deliver and protect your ePortfolio. You can rest assured that our hosting is reliable and scalable.


Top-of-the-range Cisco firewalls prevent unwanted access to our system and mitigate against cyberattacks. Each of our services also use SSL 64-bit encryption, ensuring your personal details are kept safe.

Backup and data

All data is regularly backed up and stored on our UK-based eCloud vault. In the unlikely event of any data loss, this keeps qualifications safe from disruption and your learners protected from losing their hard work.


Our servers are also paired with identical servers on our backup SAN, with automated switching. If anything happens to any of our servers, applications will be switched to our backup within seconds while technicians resolve the issue.


We won’t leave you in the hands of a call operator when you need our assistance. Expert technicians are available 24 hours a day, carefully monitoring our servers and remaining on call should any issues arise.

Constant review

The technology and services we provide are constantly under review, and we welcome feedback from all our users. By regularly upgrading our systems, we strive to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive tool on the market.