Functional Skills Qualification Reformed

As we begin a new academic year, this September 2019 will be the first introduction to the new Functional Skills qualification. Following a decision made by the government in 2015, it is hoped that this reform programme will improve the relevance of Functional Skills qualifications in English and Mathematics.

Qualifications that meets employers needs

With the rise of awarding organisations recognising the need to improve the quality of teaching curriculums, the reformed FSQs’ have been designed to ensure that the qualifications better meet the employers needs in terms of the knowledge and skills that will be achieved.

Changes to subject content

Ofqual has confirmed an increased requirement for spelling, punctuation and grammar in English, to be assessed without access to dictionaries or computer-aided spellcheck. Likewise, content within the mathematics assessments will be split between skills to solve problems with and without a calculator.

An introduction to more relevant content for today’s society will be seen within the Mathematics Function Skills qualification, including questions related to percentages based on VAT. This will encourage learners to achieve skills that will make them more attractive to employers.

Not all has been reformed

Some features of the old-style FSQs’ that work well have been kept the same. A pass/fail system will continue to be used for assessment, along with on demand assessments.

ePortfolio enables tutors to keep track

Ofqual have recognised that they have seen a dip in performance in the past when it comes to changes in qualifications. It usually takes some time for assessors to get used to a new curriculum, often due to fewer resources available, whilst both accessors and learners are less familiar with the requirements of the new specifications.

With a cloud based ePortfolio, this could be avoided as it enables users to review progress by having easy access anytime from anywhere. This way, if there was a drop in a learners’ performance, it would be anticipated and allow accessors to step in early.

To find out more about how an ePortfolio can help you, get in touch to book a free no obligation demonstration of the Quals Direct system.